Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Revisions of thought.

I think that there's merit in it, and I think it hurts because it's supposed to. I think all the tiny pieces that have broken off and buried themselves in my heart have made their way there for a purpose. I know that I am supposed to learn from them and take my own advice. I recently came to understand that Walter Benjamin quote I posted a few weeks back a little better, or at least just on a different level. The other meaning is still there, I've just found a new one hiding out. "The only way of truly knowing a person is to love them without hope". At first I saw the obvious read, 'let it go - what's meant to be will be. I still believe that, and take comfort in the idea of it. The other meaning that I stumbled upon, or just figured out, or maybe made up - who knows (and I don't think it really matters, because it helps me and that's what's truly important here...) is that knowing someone, really knowing them and having them know you (and I mean REALLY know you. Not just the kind of knowing that's based on mannerisms, or subjective familiarity) is not feeling "what will be will be", but knowing what you have. It's about something unrequited, that you don't have to hope for or feel awkward about. It's about loving someone without hope, because when it's real and reciprocated you don't have to hope. You know you already have it.

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  1. I learned something (weirdly, I know) from William Shatner last night. I wish you had been there. His theme for his one man show was about experiencing all different kinds of love. Just know that Killy and I requite ;) you and that kind of love can be just as amazing. :)