Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paris, France

Tomorrow I hop a plan to Paris, France. It will be my first trip to Europe, and my first post-graduation-summer-fiasco. Hopefully there were will be many goodies to share after I return, I'll undoubtedly be up to some continuous sketching/collecting!

I did want to update before my journey and mention some really great things I've been enjoying lately:

The most obvious of anything you will find here today is Lady Gaga's new video for her most recent single "Alejandro". In many ways it makes up for the ways I personally felt that "Telephone" fell short, but I think my main issue there is that if you throw Beyonce into the mix you end up focusing on/dealing mainly with a heightened level or unattainable female sexuality that becomes mainly cartoonish, and one-dimensional. I really believe that Gaga's got puts an intentionally controversial twist on things, and coupled with someone like Beyonce her work loses a bit of its depth - needless to say I'm glad to see Gaga working solo again. Alejandro certainly pushes buttons, and pulls out stops. Check it out if you haven't already. After a bit more research I'll share my critical response.

I just finished reading Cunt by Inga Muscio, which I whole heartidly believe that all women should experience. It puts a lot of things in perspective in terms of being a woman in society today, and there are several points on each page that totally inspire you to feel proud and want to kick ass!

Tokyo Police Club just released their new album CHAMP, which I must admit is quite the masterpiece. These guys never disappoint, and I am thoroughly looking forward to their visit to the Grog Shop this July. Hopefully no one gets sick this time, because if they cancel on Cleveland again I will be one very disappointed lady. You can listen to their entire new album for free on their Myspace, although I would certainly recommend swinging by your local (independent) record store and picking up your own copy. I'm particularly drawn to "Favorite Food", "Favorite Colour", and "Bambi" - although the album is 100% solid all the way through.

"There's another girl and another day, and your favorite food still tastes the same"

"I'll get to know you better, but I'll never know you well."

(Just some lines for the times)

Take it easy, and tales and evidence of my French adventures coming soon!

<3 Sandi