Sunday, January 31, 2010

Updates are great!

This is currently my desktop image. I didn't take it, and I can't quite recall where I happened to find it hiding, but I love it none the less. Hunting for the perfect Christmas tree is one of the fondest memories of my childhood, and one of the only bonding experiences I've ever had with my father. The days we'd go out in search of one were always hazy grey, just like the one in this photo. The family does the artificial tree now, and the youthful joy of believing in Christmas and the perfect pine are far beyond me. I will, however, always look back and think of how the cold leaked through my jacket, and the mud caked to my boots as my sister and I ran through the seemingly endless maze of ever green, tripping at my fathers feet after the kind of faultlessness I can barely just remember.

Sketchs and a big piece for my collage class this semester. Feast on these!

About 8.5" x 11"
(Dallas Green from City and Colour) Mixed Media

about 5" x 8.5"

40" x 50" cut paper, graphite, and le pen