Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Split Needles

There is willful cruelty in the world, but there is also wonder.

I'm working on getting this poster framed:

You can't so much see the detail, but I picked up a copy when I was working the Waterloo Arts Fest about a month back. It was hiding in a stack by the door. Part of what makes it so great is that on my copy you can see places where the ink didn't take to the page, and someone worked back into the lines with graphite. The whole things just so human, and I love that.

I'm holding a Stitch and Bitch this coming Sunday at Arts Collinwood, where I work. Free beer, snacks, and fiber fun! I would love to have anyone and everyone come visit. There's a really great show in our gallery right now too, called "Latest Additions". It features the work of a group of recent CIA grads that work in different craft areas. Of everything, I am particularly found of Beth Whalley's drawings (http://www.bethwhalley.com). So it will be a really great opportunity to chill in the gallery and check out the show!
We're located at:
15605 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland, OH 44110

I left Medina for Cleveland a few nights back. Dusk was falling and the sun just barely started sinking after I hit 71 North. For the duration of my drive into the city I watched the colour spread like wildfire, twisting as it bled out into the saturated grey of the clouds. Only moments after it ducked bellow the horizon I dropped onto the East Bound bridge and swapped the setting sun for city lights.

I think I needed a reminder of beauty in change, and the worth of all things - no matter how faulty fleeting.

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